A classic but modern twist on the hotel experience.

As relatives of Edvard Grieg, it is our desire to give our guests a completely unique experience – a classic but modern twist on the hotel experience that gives you a unique insight into the composer’s remarkable life and experiences. We want to attract both visitors and local people from Bergen and invite them to unforgettable musical experiences as well as other cultural experiences and entertainment. We want to show what Bergen has to offer!

A landmark in Bergen
The building was originally designed and built for Bergen’s largest bank in 1876, Bergens Kreditbank. The unique building, popularly called “Banco Rotto”, is a famous landmark in Bergen with its distinctive brick facade and characteristic
architectural style.

Unique architecture
On the ground floor we find the main hall with its airy appearance, solid granite walls and ionic columns in polished marble. The building was designed by architect Herman Schirmer and was later extended in two stages. Architect Schak Bull – who also designed the home of Edvard Grieg – was responsible for the last extension in 1918. He was also a cousin of Edvard

Our greatest wish
is that you should be left with a feeling that Opus XVI is more than just any hotel. Wonderful beds, an excellent location and attentive service are a matter of course. We also want to offer a unique atmosphere unlike any other, based on the rich heritage of Grieg and with the historic Vågsallmenningen 14-22 as a backdrop.

Our goal is to preserve and cultivate this unique history and use it as a foundation for a modern and luxurious hotel experience.

Opus XVI with its location right in the heart of Bergen is perfect for visitors who want to experience Bergen’s culture and nature.

Discover Bergen
From the main entrance you are close to the historic Bryggen, the fish market and the famous Fløybanen which takes you up to Fløyfjellet in 10 minutes. Everything that is worth seeing in Bergen is only a few minutes away from the hotel.

The name Opus 16 is taken from Edvard Grieg’s music. Edvard Grieg’s piano concerto in A minor is also called Opus 16. The address of the hotel and restaurant is Vågsallmenningen 16. As hosts at the hotel, we have a relationship with Edvard Grieg, hence the choice of name.

Edvard Grieg’s music was largely inspired by local and national nature. He loved walks on Løvstakken and Fløyen, but also hiking in Jotunheimen and Rondane. Hardanger also became a base for the small Grieg family for several periods. In addition, Edvard Grieg was inspired by his stays abroad. Edvard Grieg stays for long periods in large parts of Europe with long stays in Rome and Paris.

In the same way that the composer was inspired by local nature, we are also inspired by local ingredients. Most of our raw materials are sourced locally, much from local farms and some from the sea. Our menu is therefore a good combination of local and national ingredients, with inspiring international elements.

Like Edvard and Nina, we also love oysters and champagne!

As a host couple, we are proud of our family background. Our relationship with Edvard Grieg, our Scottish family background and our hotel background formed the basis for the dream of realizing a personal and historic hotel product.

The music of Edvard Grieg was behind the inspiration for the name Opus XVI. Opus 16 is perhaps Grieg’s most famous work, his A minor concerto for piano. Opus 16 is regularly played around the world today.

The address of the old protected bank building we have rehabilitated and converted into a hotel is Vågsallmenningen 16. Opus is the Latin name for a work made by an artisan. This has become our hotel business, therefore Opus XVI.